Connecting Leaders

The Influencer Series are intimate, invite-only gatherings of influential, good energy leaders. The gatherings are small, off-the-record round table discussions led by one of the leaders invited. Everyone invited is nominated by a peer, and screened by a hosting committee.

*By invitation only
Great ideas need people to dream them and a place to share them. The Influencer Series has both. ”

Jim McKelvey

Co-founder, Square

A Sample of Past Session Leaders

  • User Leah Busque CEO, TaskRabbit
  • User Gil Elbaz CEO, Factual
  • User David Kelley Founder, IDEO, Stanford
  • User Mike Maples, Jr. Managing Partner, Floodgate
  • User Marissa Mayer CEO, Yahoo
  • User Sukhinder Singh Cassidy CEO, Joyus
  • User Prof. Robert Sutton Stanford, Author "Good Boss, Bad Boss"
  • User Maynard Webb Chairman, former CEO, LiveOps